Olympic Weightlifting Membership Options


Olympic weightlifting at On Track Oly in Olathe, KS, is your ticket to unleashing explosive power, formidable strength, and superior athleticism. This isn’t just training; it’s transforming your game in every sport you play. With the guidance of our certified USA Weightlifting coaches, you’ll master techniques in the snatch and clean and jerk lifts that push your limits and elevate your performance. Ready to dominate on the platform, the field, the court, or anywhere else? On Track Oly is where you start.


Youth, Junior, Senior & Masters Olympic Weightlifting

  • In person sessions at On Track Oly
  • 2-3 Sessions per week
  • Individualized programming for athletes of all levels through
  • Compete on Team On Track Oly (TOTO) at USA Weightlifting meets
  • Custom membership app


Remote Athletes

Advanced / Competitive Athletes

  • Compete in USAW meets as a Team On Track Oly (TOTO) athlete
  • 2-5 day general to personalized programming options
  • 2-5 days / wk check-n / video feedback
  • Custom membership app


Punch Cards

Intermediate – Advanced Athletes

  • In person sessions at On Track Oly
  • Personalized coaching / breakdown of Olympic lifts
  • Does not include option to compete with TOTO
  • Perfect for CrossFit athletes looking to improve lifts