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On Track Oly is your answer to strength and so much more. Our mission transcends merely building physical strength. We are dedicated to developing formidable athletes with explosive power, mental grit, humility and elite athleticism. Our programs are designed to assist athletes of all ages in realizing their potential and unlocking the inherent power to become the best versions of themselves. We are not just a gym; we are a community driven by a passion for continuous improvement and excellence in every aspect of our training. Join us to embark on a transformative journey that reshapes not just your body, but your entire approach to challenges and achievements.


Head Coach

Meet Sahn, Head Coach at On Track Oly. She has a rich background in coaching and competing in Olympic Weightlifting and CrossFit. With her USA Weightlifting Level 1 certification, Sahn infuses every training session with tons of positive energy. Her extensive experience and passionate coaching style are dedicated to one thing: your success. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced athlete, Sahn’s expert guidance is tailored to help you reach your highest potential. Under her leadership, you’ll find not just a coach, but a committed ally on your journey to excellence.

She also brings the perspective of being a mother to 5 children. She has a deep understanding of the patience, dedication, and encouragement required to nurture and develop skills at any age. Under her guidance, you’re not just training your body, but also cultivating the resilience and confidence needed for lifelong success.



Meet Mark, a seasoned coach with nearly a decade of experience guiding CrossFit and Olympic lifting athletes. Holding both the CrossFit L1 Trainer Certificate and the USAW Level 1 Certification, Mark is equipped with the expertise needed to support athletes in reaching their full potential. His coaching philosophy centers on making progress daily and striving to be better than yesterday.

Mark’s passion for coaching is matched by his dedication as a father to six kids, giving him a unique perspective and a wealth of patience when working with athletes of all ages. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to refine your technique, Mark’s approachable style and commitment to personal growth make him a standout coach. Join him at On Track Oly to start your journey toward becoming your best self, both on and off the platform.